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Kakav ste tip mame na osnovu vašeg horoskopskog znaka?

Koliko puta ste rekli sebi: “Ja nisam taj tip mame”? (sigurno kada vas vaša mama izluđuje). Vjerovali, ili ne to je povezano sa vašim horoskopskim znakom pa su razlike neminovne. (Ne smijte se, zvijezde su ozbiljna stvar) Hajde, zabavite se…

Sara Velaga

Koliko puta ste rekli sebi: “Ja nisam taj tip mame”?

(sigurno kada vas vaša mama izluđuje).

Vjerovali, ili ne to je povezano sa vašim horoskopskim znakom pa su razlike neminovne. (Ne smijte se, zvijezde su ozbiljna stvar)

Hajde, zabavite se i otkrijte kakav ste tip mame na osnovu zodijaka.


Strengths as a mom: Confidence, self-awareness, strength, and fearlessness Weaknesses as a mom: Competitiveness, anger, tunnel vision, obsessiveness, vanity and self-centeredness Your parenting style: "Hello, warrior mama! Because the Aries mother does everything with a fierce signature style, you'll charge into parenthood headfirst, intent on leaving your mark. Ruled by red-hot Mars, Aries approach everything in life as if going into battle—alive, alert, and in it to win it. Motherhood's not for sissies, and good thing you've never fit that description. There's a diva in every Aries woman, and your confidence never leaves you for long—even if that diva happens to have a milk stain on her Fendi jacket or Ritz bits in her blowout. The strangest part of motherhood, especially in the early years, is experiencing another human being's total dependence on you. Aries is one of the most self-directed signs, and you're comfortable putting your own needs first. But ranking another person's agenda before your own—and a tiny person's at that? Well, that takes a bit of an adjustment. No matter how much you adore your little chickadee, one thing is clear: you are two distinct and separate human beings. Frankly, that is a healthy attitude for the most part. Although you may be guilty of expecting too much self-sufficiency from your kids, you're great at modeling that very trait for them. Aries never asks for permission to be yourself or to pursue your goals. A martyr mom you ain't! Forever achieving and striving, you're a powerful role model of lifelong learning, a one-woman accomplishment machine—the ultimate glass-ceiling breaker."

Prednosti: Samopouzdanje, samosvjesnost, poštenje i snaga

Slabosti: Ljutitost, ranjivost, sebičnost, konkurentnost

Stil roditeljstva: Mama ratnica! Mame ovnovi su bijesne, samouvjerene i vole naređivati. S obzirom da njima vlada vatrena planeta Mars, one svemu u životu pristupaju kao borbi u kojoj trebaju pobijediti. One su dive, koje žele odrediti pravila kojih će se djeca pridržavati. Čak iako to podrazumijeva stil dive, sa ostacima dječije hrane u kosi. Najteži im pada shvatanje da novo ljudsko biće ovisi o njima, jer su navikli da svu pažnju usmjeravaju na sebe. Stoga se mama ovan uči prilagođavanju, dijeljenju pažnje i ljubavi sa novim bićem. Međutim, ta doza samouvjerenosti i autoritativnosti dobro djeluje na njenu djecu, jer djeca majki ovnova na vrijeme uče pravila. Kasnije postaju i sama samouvjerena i izgrađuju svoj karakter.


Strengths as a mom: Stability, good taste, common sense, hard worker Weaknesses as a mom: Indulgence, materialism, mood swings, vanityYour parenting style: "Taurus is the original "mullet mama"—business in the front, party in the back. Some days, you lead with a stern demeanor that puts the fear of God, traffic, and creepy strangers in your kid. But once you're sure everyone's safe and sound, it's party time! The Taurus mother is selectively staunch and, yes, downright rigid on a couple of key issues. There's an old-fashioned girl in every Taurus, and you simply won't budge on a few of your standards. But behind that firm facade is a bawdy nature goddess who's refreshingly down to earth. You're the mom who might force your kids to stay in Sunday school until adulthood but will also let them witness a home birth or ride a motorcycle when they're twelve.Taurus is the zodiac's budgeter and wise spender. You believe in return on investment. So if you devote years of your life to raising a child, you expect to be acknowledged for it! You'll raise your kids to have good manners, respect authority, and if possible, to idolize you. At the very least, you intend to occupy a VIP pedestal marked mother for the rest of their lives. While you hope to be close with your children, you won't sacrifice respect to be their best friend. There's a (well-manicured) iron fist in that Italian leather glove—even if it takes a lot for you to raise that fist. As long as your kids don't embarrass you publicly, violate one of your core values, or outright disrespect you, there shouldn't be any problems. Simple enough, right?Motherhood makes great use of your managerial qualities, which most Taurus women come by naturally. With your flair for practical details and businesslike nature, you're the COO of your clan. You love to run people's lives—heck, you've been doing it for your girlfriends and family long enough. The structured rhythm of child rearing feels natural to you, unlike for many other zodiac signs. Even Taurus moms who run late for social engagements (and we know quite a few) will never be tardy applying for an elite arts camp scholarship, getting on the private school waiting list, or planning a posh first birthday party for their little one (and his seventy-five closest aunts, uncles, cousins, et al.). When it comes to your top parenting priorities, you're as precise as a laser."

Prednosti: Stabilnost, dobar ukus, marljivost, zdrav razum

Slabosti: Povlađivanje, ranjivost, promjena raspoloženja, materijalizam

Stil roditeljstva: Bik je tipična multipraktična mama. Posao sa jedne strane i provod sa druge. Nekad ste toliko autoritativni da vas se djeca boje, ali kad ste sigurni da je sve kako treba, onda ste zabavni i posvećeni. Izvana ste hladni i čvrsti u svojim stavovima, ali unutar svake od vas se krije nježna mama, koja želi uraditi sve što je u njenoj moći za svoju djecu. Možda ćete očekivati previše od svoje djece, ali isto tako ćete im uzvratiti sve, dozvoljavajući im mnogo toga kada zasluže.

Bik je znak koji je racionalan u planiranju budžeta pa stoga vjerujete u povrat uloženog. Godine odgajanja djece za vas su ulaganje u budućnost, u kojima će se ona dokazati kao uspješni ljudi. Odgajate svoju djecu tako da poštuju autoritete, imaju manire, ali i da vas idealizuju po mogućnosti. Iako želite biti bliske sa svojom djecom, nećete žrtvovati poštovanje koje imaju prema vama, kako bi im bili prijateljica. Sve dok vas poštuju, ne prave probleme i ne sramote, nećete pretjerivati u svojoj strogoći i pravilima. Ali ako pređu granicu, postavljate kazne.

Majčinstvo je za mame bikove još jedna od glavnih uloga u životu. S obzirom na to da su fokusirane na posao, navikle su voditi glavnu riječ i biti liderke. Stoga su u svojim porodicama kao vođe klana, jer su takvu ulogu imale i prije majčinstva. Vama je majčinstvo prirodno i lako se prilagođavate novoj ulozi u svom životu, za razliku od ostalih znakova. Sve radite planski pa se gotovo nikad ne dešava da vaše dijete čeka na listi za upis, izlet ili neku aktivnost. Preciznost i planiranje su osim na poslovnom planu veoma važni i za vaš privatni život.


Strengths as a mom: Versatility, youthfulness, curiosity, open-mindedness, originality, creativity Weaknesses as a mom: Inconsistency, lack of boundaries, tendency to contradict self, impatience, talking or lecturing instead of listening Your parenting style: "Ah, to be a mom of many personalities—complex and even contradictory at times but certainly never boring. Such is the way of the Gemini mama, ruled by the zodiac's Twins. Varied and versatile, you keep your family guessing what you'll say or do next. There's never a dull moment under your roof—even though some household members wouldn't mind one every now and then! Since your standards can be subject to change without notice, your rigidity is tempered with a bold streak of the opposite. You'll scour the ingredient list of your baby wash but take the kid to a jazz club or raise her in a smog-filled metropolis. Let's face it: you can't help but contradict yourself at times. If you were totally principled, you wouldn't be an airy, unpredictable Gemini. So you might just buckle that rear-facing car seat into a Prius (adorned with peace-symbol and namaste bumper stickers), and drive your babe to an elite Mommy & Me group in the nicest part of town. Or your tightly run ship happens to be on an actual ship...because you've decide to spend your child's first yearliving on a houseboat. With Geminis, you just never know. While Geminis have a rep for being breezy and hard to pin down, they can actually be quite anxious. Your sign is ruled by Mercury,planet of communication and the intellect, so your brain simply never shuts off. As a result of all this mental energy, you might just be the most eccentric mom on the block—or the most opinionated. Hey, your brand of maternal instinct is a unique concoction."

Prednosti: Prilagodljivost, mladolikost, originalnost, kreativnost, znatiželjnost, otvorenost

Slabosti: Protivrječnost, nedostatak granica, kontradiktornost, nestrpljivost, potreba da pričate bez da saslušate druge

Stil roditeljstva: Vi ste mnoštvo različitih mama u jednoj. Sa vama nikad nije dosadno, jer ste kontradiktorni i skloni promjenama. Držite svoju porodicu u neizvjesnosti šta biste mogli uraditi sljedeće. Ne postoji prazan i suvoparan momenat pod vašim krovom, iako bi ostali članovi porodice nekad voljeli da ih bude. Vaš stil je promjenjivost, pa stoga djeca nikad ne znaju kako ćete reagovati. S jedne strane imaćete listu planova za vaše dijete, dok sa druge ono može da živi u zagađenom gradu i obilazi džez klubove sa vama. Jer kao što smo spomenuli, volite sami sebi protivrječiti.

To je karakteristika vašeg znaka, koja čini vaše dijete maksimalno zabavljenim svakim novim potezom njegove mame, odnosno vas. Merkur je planeta koja upravlja vašim znakom, pa su komunikativnost i intelekt dio vaše ličnosti. Jednostavno vaš mozak se nikad ne gasi pa možete izgledati kao najekscentričnija mama u komšiluku. Sa druge strane vi jednostavno imate mnogo mišljenja i stavova, koje želite podijeliti u svakom trenutku, što je svakako dobra stvar za vaše dijete.


Strengths as a mom: Sensitivity, comfort, good taste, devotion, sentimentality Weaknesses as a mom: Overprotectiveness, mood swings, fearfulness, jealousy Your parenting style: "As the sign that rules all things matriarchal, you're the zodiac's mother superior. For most Cancer women, maternal instincts are hardwired into their cosmic DNA. From an early age, you've been a nurturer—to friends, siblings, dolls, pets, anyone needing a maternal touch. Some signs are ambivalent about children, but most Cancer women feel they were born for the job. You're the mom who could have an at-home birth, train as a doula, and breast-feed your kid until as long as you please. Hello, La Leche League president! Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by balanced, beauty-loving Libra, the sign of relationships. This gives you an idealistic approach to family—and a flair for creating a pretty, comfortable home. You're deeply invested in your relationship with your children and will likely be their lifelong confidante. Becoming a mother has healthy side effects for your social life. Since Cancers can be a little shy or reserved upfront, your kids provide the perfect excuse to engage with other parents. Your budding social circle could be filled with the moms of your children's friends or with families you meet through nursery school outings, PTA, and your children's sports teams. Talking about your kids lets you quietly screen people before deciding that they're worthy of your trust. When you hear their views on schooling, discipline, dietary limits, and the like, you get a keen sense of their values and whether they're compatible with yours. Eventually, you'll open up and start talking more about yourself with a few of them, allowing a genuine friendship to unfold. A true sign of trust is often when you invite someone into your home. There's no casual (play)dating happening in your household. Not just anyone makes it into a Cancer's sanctuary! Can you be a tiny bit of a snob? Yes. But Cancers are true-blue friends whose bonds be- come as close as family over time. You don't let people into your world easily—but once they're in, they're in. You expect a high degree of loyalty when you've opened your heart. Becoming your friend is a life sentence, and you'll cherish the bonds you form even more once children are in the picture."

Prednosti: Osjećajnost, dobar ukus, sentimentalnost, posvećenost, ugodnost

Slabosti: Promjenjivost raspoloženja, prezaštićenost, ljubomora, strah

Stil roditeljstva: Vi ste superiorna mama zodijaka, jer u sebi imate mnogo majčinskih osobina. Majčinski instinkt je u vama od malih nogu pa ste tako glumili mamu svojoj braći i sestrama, prijateljima, lutkama i kućnim ljubimcima. Jednostavno, vi ste oduvijek mama. Neki znakovi su ambivalentni po pitanju majčinstva, ali vi ste naprosto rođeni za tu ulogu. Mogli biste roditi kod kuće, ostati da dojite i brinete o djetetu sve dok ne odraste.

Vaše majčinstvo je u zoni kojom upravlja balansirana Vaga, znak veza. To vam daje mogućnost kreiranja savršenog doma i dobrog pristupa porodici. Mnogo ulažete u vaspitanje svoje djece i očekujete biti važan dio njihovog života i kada odrastu. S obzirom na to da ste stidljivi, majčinstvo vam pruža mogućnost povezivanja sa drugim ljudima i komunikaciju na suptilniji način. Stoga se najčešće družite sa drugim mamama, usklađivajući pritom svoj stil roditeljstva sa njihovim. Volite razgovarati o pravilima, disciplini i vaspitanju, kako bi ulagali više u svoje dijete.

Ne dopuštate ljudima da lako uđu u vaš život, ali jednom kada uđu to znači da su zadobili vaše povjerenje. Očekujete odanost i povjerenje od svoje djece pa gradite odnos u kojem ste im prije svega prijateljica.


Strengths as a mom: Your playfulness, leadership, creativity, confidence Weaknesses as a mom: Self-centeredness, drama, too much energy, Pollyanna tendencies Your parenting style: "Lights, camera, action! The creative and dramatic Leo mama leaves her signature stamp wherever she goes. Parenting is the ultimate personal expression for you, Leo—a job you throw yourself into, heart and soul. Leos tend to be hands-on mothers, involved in every aspect of their children's lives. You take pride in raising capable, successful citizens who will grow up and do great things in the world. While you're not a mean mom by any stretch, Leo, you can be stern about your standards. You're a tough act to follow, since you tend to be a high achiever. Our Leo friend Patricia Moreno kept her fitness brand Sati Life thriving—training teachers, giving classes, filming workout videos—while juggling a toddler and infant twins. You hold yourself to very lofty standards (and meet them effortlessly), so you may not realize when you're pushing your kids too hard. Or maybe you do. And when your kid grows up to be a successful doctor, lawyer, businessperson, artist, or whatever, he'll thank you. The return on investment is worth it! Besides, your innate sense of entitlement can work to everyone's advantage, gaining your family access to exclusive schools, arts programs, and elite summer camps. Nothing can sway you when you're on a mission, and even if your kids turn out to be your polar opposite in career, lifestyle, or beliefs, you'll still have played a strong role in their upbringing. Not that you won't play as hard as you work. When a Leo mom decides to celebrate, she goes all out! You're a consummate event planner: no party or pile of presents can rival a Leo mother's lavish layout. Giving gifts is a grand occasion, and you shine in this area. Maybe some people think you're spoiling your children. To you, presents are a way of acknowledging that you know someone and took the time to find something beautiful to show it. Whether you lavish your kids with hugs and kisses, or express love by faithfully show- ing up for every important moment, there's no question: your children are truly your pride and joy. So go forth: cuddle and coddle your lion cubs. Just don't forget to teach them how to hunt and forage for themselves. They need survival skills as much as they need your fierce matriarchal protection. While a tight-knit family is a blessing, you also need to loosen the reins, letting your progeny go off and explore the wild world on their own."

Prednosti: Razigranost, kreativnost, pouzdanost, liderstvo

Slabosti: Sebičnost, preenergičnost, drama, pretjerivanje

Stil roditeljstva: Svijetla, kamera, akcija! Mama lavica je kreativna, dramatična i ostavlja svoj trag gdje god se nalazila. Roditeljstvo je posao u koji se dajete maksimalno, svim srcem i svim tijelom. Želite dati najbolje od sebe kako bi vaše dijete izraslo u samouvjerenu osobu. Volite biti umiješane u svaki aspekt života vašeg djeteta.

Ono što zacrtate želite ostvariti pa nekada niste svjesne kada pretjerujete i postavljate prevelike zadatke svojoj djeci. Ili možda jeste svjesne, jer znate da će vam biti zahvalni jednog dana, kada postanu uspješni doktori, advokati, umjetnici ili šta god požele. Ništa vam ne može stati na put do uspjeha. Čak iako je vaše dijete drugačiji tip osobe, vi i dalje imate snažnu ulogu u njegovom životu.

Međutim, kada vaše dijete nešto zasluži ne štedite nimalo. Neki će pomisliti da ste ga razmazili, ali vi kad slavite onda zaista slavite. Odličan ste organizator događaja pa su rođendani vašeg djeteta nezaboravni. Za vas su pokloni način da pokažete nekom da vam je stalo i da cijenite sve što radi za vas.

Bez obzira na koji način ispoljavate svoju ljubav prema djeci, vi ste veoma ponosni na sve što rade. Ostanite takvi, ali ih pokušajte naučiti i kako da se snalaze sami u svijetu, bez mame lavice. Nekada ostanu uskraćeni za vještine koje ste vi imali, jer mnogo toga radite za njih, a samim tim i umjesto njih.


Strengths as a mom: Organization and structure, common sense, healthy habits, intellect Weaknesses as a mom: Judgmental tendencies, worry and neuroses, self-righteousness, tendency to overanalyze Your parenting style: "Upright/free-spirited mommy. The Virgo mother is a curious mix of contrasts. In some ways, motherhood plays to your orderly Virgo tendencies, giving you an excuse to plan, direct, and micromanage. At other moments, it brings out let loose and play. While some Virgos take to motherhood like fish to water, swapping your indie rock playlist for Yo Gabba Gabba! jams, others require an adjustment, especially if they're a bookish or introverted Virgo who cherishes personal space. The invasion of privacy that comes along with children, not to mention the land grab on your intellectual time, well, let's be honest: the rewards don't always balance out the loss. The downshift from PhD to ABC can be tough for brainy babes of the Virgo persuasion. But despite your obsessive nature, you also have a relaxed side. Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Sagittarius, the sign of travel, adventure, wisdom, and the higher mind. This bohemian effect offsets your anxiety and tunnel vision. It helps you see the bigger picture and trust that your kids will turn out okay. Sagittarius is an advice giver, so its influence in your chart makes you even more prone to be a walking mommy search engine among your friends. It also awakens your humorous and philosophical side, help- ing you see motherhood as a grand adventure. While some women suddenly feel 'old' and weighted with responsibility as mothers, your children can lighten you up. 'I am proud that my kids laugh all the time and they laugh with me, at me,' says Virgo mama Karen. 'We have fun.' You might read up on the work of the late pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, who developed the theory of the 'good enough mother.' As he believed, the way to be a good mother is to be just that, a good-enough mother—human, three-dimensional, providing a safe and nurturing environment, but not catering to your child's every need, treating her like the center of the universe, or depleting yourself. That can be a challenge for Virgos, who like to do everything perfectly. But if motherhood can teach you anything, it's how to ease up your self-critical tendencies and cut yourself some well-deserved slack."

Prednosti: Organizovanost, zdrave navike, intelektualnost, zdrav razum

Slabosti: Zabrinutost i neurotičnost, tendencija da osuđujete, stav da ste uvijek u pravu, pretjerana analitičnost

Stil roditeljstva: Vi ste mama slobodnog duha, miks kontrasta. Na neki način, majčinstvo vam omogućuje da ostvarite svoje glavne tendencije, da upravljate, planirate i pripremate za svoje dijete. S druge strane, nekad bi jednostavno voljeli pustiti sve i dati im da se igraju. Dok jedne majke plivaju u majčinstvu, kao riba u vodi, drugima je potrebno vrijeme da se prilagode. Introvertnim djevicama majčinstvo teško pada, jer odjednom imaju invaziju na svoju privatnost koju dijele sa novim bićem.

Bez obzira na vašu opsesivnu stranu, vi znate biti i opuštena mama. Vašom četvrtom kućom majčinstva upravlja strijelac, znak putovanja, avanturizma, mudrosti i višeg uma. To pomaže prilikom sagledavanja veće slike, kada ste pretjerano zabrinuti za to šta će vaše dijete napraviti. Strijelac vam pomaže da probudite svoju humorističnu i filozofsku stranu te doživite majčinstvo kao veliku avanturu. Iako se ponekad javlja frustriranost da ste odjednom stari, većinu vremena uživate u humoru svoje djece kada se osjećate jednako mlado.

Psihoanalitičar Donals Vinikot, razvio je teoriju koja vam može pomoći. Zove se teorija “biti dovoljno dobra majka”. Zaista, sve što treba jeste da budete dovoljno dobri. Ne da ispunjavate sve želje i očekujete previše. Ni od sebe ni od djeteta. Samo ispunite ono što čini dovoljno očekivano. To može biti zahtjevno za djevice, koje vole da sve urade perfektno, ali trebate naučiti da balansirate, kako bi omogućili svom djetetu zdravo odrastanje.


Strengths as a mom: Patience, refinery, good taste, fairness Weaknesses as a mom: Inconsistency, snobbery, vanity Your parenting style: "You know that elusive 'balance' that Libra, the sign of the swinging scales, is forever seeking? Motherhood might be the very thing that helps you find your center point, bringing you out of self-induced chaos into the calm 'eye of the storm.' Well, some days, anyhow. Born under a languid sign famous for procrastinating and stopping to smell every single rose (not that there's anything wrong with that), you suddenly become structured and even downright type A as a mom. Libra is the zodiac's sign of relationships, and—as much as this defies any self-help book written since 1982—you're happiest when you live for another person. Children give you the perfect excuse to do just that. Organizing your life around, well, organizing their lives, is a habit you take to like a mermaid to water. You love all the stereotypical trappings of childhood—from oversized dollhouses and trucks to elaborate tea parties and train tracks. Tasteful toys may litter your well-appointed parlor when your kids are young. Libras don't like to rush, and you have a strong ability to really be in the moment with your kids. You're amused by their antics and in love with their quirks and questions—happy to spend hours explaining exactly why the sky is blue or helping them pinpoint the exact location of heaven when a pet goldfish dies. In that regard, Libra moms model self-care for your children, dressing well and re- fusing to 'let yourself go' just because you've had a baby. You'll also make sure your children are as well-appointed as you'd like to be, dressing them in adorably stylish outfits. You can be more than a touch vain at moments, also making your kids part of your personal vanity project at times. Remind yourself periodically that they weren't born to be your showpieces or personal ambassadors. Strive for a healthy state of interdependence—where individuality and separateness are respected, just as deeply as times of togetherness are cherished."

Prednosti: Strpljivost, rafiniranost, poštenje, dobar ukus

Slabosti: Taština, protivrječnost, snobizam

Stil roditeljstva: Vi ste znak koji uvijek teži tom čuvenom „balansu“. Majčinstvo vam može pomoći u tome da uskladite pretjeranu fokusiranost na sebe i brigu za druge. Od narcisoidne osobe prerastate u osobu koja je A klasa mame.

Vaga je znak veza, stoga ste najsrećniji kada živite za druge, bez obzira na sve sebične sklonosti. Djeca vam daju mogućnost da to u potpunosti ostvarite, jer kada postanete majka vi se snalazite kao sirena u vodi. Ne volite žuriti, pa svaki trenutak sa djecom koristite i posvećujete se maksimalno. Uživate u igranju sa velikim kućama za lutke, autićima i svim igračkama vaše djece.

Obožavate razgovore sa njima, mogli biste satima odgovarati na pitanja zašto je nebo plavo ili im objašnjavati tačno mjesto raja, u kojem će se naći njihova zlatna ribica ako ugine. Ništa ne prepuštate slučaju pa tako ni njihov stil oblačenja. Svojim primjerom pokazujete kako izgleda dobar stil i oblačite ih u kombinacije u skladu s tim. Ponekad ih doživljavate kao dio svog projekta taštine pa bi s vremena na vrijeme trebali da se podsjetite da oni nisu tu kako bi bili modeli za odjeću koju nosite. Razvijajte zdrav način odrastanja i samostalnosti vašeg djeteta te mu ponekad sugerišite kako da se obuče, ali nemojte mu uvijek sve diktirati.


Strengths as a mom: Strength, resilience, intuition, willpower Weaknesses as a mom: Control, paranoia, emotional unavailability, obsessiveness, intensity to a fault Your parenting style: The Scorpio mother is a magnetic mama—a curious mix of quirky and controlling, inspiring and intimidating. Depending on your mood, your kids may cling to you—or scurry away from your wrath. Not that you'd ever turn the full wrath on them. One 'death stare' from a Scorpio mom is all it takes to keep a willful child in line. Fiercely protective, you guard your children with irrepressible spirit and strength. You've got a streak of Carmela Soprano in you: a mafia matriarch (in stilettos) that nobody dares to cross twice. Most Scorpios take to motherhood quickly. You're an emotional water sign, after all, and your nurturing qualities are automatic. Although Scorpios can be slow to warm up to the rest of the world, your child will melt your defenses in a heartbeat. Soon enough, the hard part isn't getting attached—it's letting go. In the meantime, though, you'll work hard to ensure that your child's life is crafted with precision. Like Scorpio "mom-ager" Kris Jenner with her Kardashian kids, you'll work hard to ensure that your clan has a rock-solid future— whether that means sending them to an elite prep school, buying an "investment property" they can live in someday, or (ahem) scoring them hot product endorsement deals. Scorpio rules the zodiac's eighth house of wealth, joint ventures, and long-term finance. Fiscal security is extremely important to you, and motherhood makes you work that much harder to lock it in for your children. 'I had my daughter's college fund set up before she was born,' says Meredith, the Scorpio mom of a seven-month-old. 'I'm the one who brought up that we needed to put money aside and make sure that her college is paid for—no matter what.' Life with Scorpio moms may be an exhausting game of chess, but the queen trumps all in the end. Your plotting, controlling, maneuvering, and sidestepping are part of a divine dance between you and the universe, which whispers a little more loudly in your ear than any other sign's. Scorpio is one of the zodiac's most intuitive (and even psychic) members, and you tend to faithfully trust your own inner guidance system. After all, it seldom steers you wrong."

Prednosti: Odlučnost, snaga, fleksibilnost, intuitivnost

Slabosti: Paranoičnost, pretjerana kontrola, opsesivnost, emocionalna nedostupnost, osjećaj krivice

Stil roditeljstva: Škorpija mama je magnet. Istovremeno je control freak i čudakinja, ali i inspirativna i neustrašiva. U zavisnosti od vašeg raspoloženja, vaša djeca mogu dobiti najbolje, ali i najgore od vas. Najgore ne podrazumijeva fizički obračun ni velike kazne, ali dovoljan je pogled mame škorpije, da djeca shvate svoju grešku. Vaša naglašena potreba za zaštitom djece, rezultuje time da nekada pretjerujete u kontroli i svojim nepopustljivim stavovima.

Većina škorpija prihvata ulogu majke, automatski se prilagođavajući. Iako su za ostatak svijeta veoma hladne, prema svojoj djeci su izuzetno tople i nježne. Na kraju im ne bude teško da postanu privržene, već da puste dijete. U međuvremenu, pomno planiraju život svog djeteta. Poput mame u klanu Kardašianovih, vi ste vođa klana i želite da imaju isplaniranu budućnost. Bez obzira na to da li se radi o pripremi njihovog posla ili kuće u kojoj će živjeti. Škorpijom vlada osma kuća zodijaka, zdravlja, finansija i dugoročnog užitka.

Finansijska stabilnost vam je veoma važna pa se stoga dešava da imate planiran budžet za školovanje djeteta i prije nego se rodi. Život sa mamom škorpijom može da bude iscrpljujuća partija šaha, ali na kraju kraljica pobjeđuje. Vi kontrolišete, upravljate i djelujete na sve moguće aspekte pa ste tu najistaknutiji od svih znakova. Škorpija je znak, koji najviše od svih vjeruje svojoj intuiciji i najčešće je u pravu.


Strengths as a mom: Adventure, wisdom, humor, perspective Weaknesses as a mom: Impatience, crudeness, bluntness, too much spontaneity and lack of structure Your parenting style: "As the zodiac's freest spirit, parenting is an interesting adjustment for you. Spontaneous Sagittarians live in the moment, acting on impulse and instinct. You cherish your independence, and this new level of permanence can feel surreal. Who, you—a disciplinarian? An authority figure? Parenting is a big lifestyle change for this sign. While you can be wonderful with children, treating them like real people instead of patronizing them, kids also demand a lot of time and energy. Your pencil-it-in-now-and-see-how-we-feel-later lifestyle just doesn't cut it anymore. Even if you're great at planning, your own life may already run on a packed schedule. Now you have to integrate an- other person's needs and demands into this active routine. Getting the proportions right could take a minute. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of excess and abundance, Sagittarians tend to overcommit (and work until exhaustion) or to avoid commitment altogether. You're famous for shooting first and asking questions later. This daredevil spirit is a double-edged sword when it comes to motherhood. On the upside, your spontaneity makes life fun. You'll toss the kids in the car and drive to the next state to buy fireworks or see a traveling circus. You'll serve pancakes with whipped cream for dinner and leftover Chinese for break- fast (hey, at least they ate, right?). And you can pull together an impromptu vacation or slumber party like no other mom. But when it comes to planning and structure...not so much. So how does the zodiac's party girl morph into the PTA president? Hello, existential identity crisis...or maybe not. The best strategy a Sag mom can take is the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach—or what the experts call parallel play. Repainting the kitchen for the ninth time? Hand your babe a brush and a little bucket of color, and give him a corner to coat. Planting an English garden? Get a pint-sized watering can, a couple of small pots, and cultivate a young green thumb. Bonus: you'll foster a sense of leadership, build skills, and enjoy a shared sense of accomplishment from completing a project together. Remember, your kids just want to be with their mom, feeling close, and connected. Integrate them into your adventures, and presto—you have an intergenerational win-win. Yes, when 'freedom' is your middle name, dealing with a dependent child and a tight schedule could require new muscles. As our Sagittarius friend Amanda likes to say, 'I'm a person who happens to be a mother—not a mother who happens to be a person.' When all else fails, remember: there's not always much dignity in motherhood, so use your innate sense of humor to see the divine comedy in it all."

Prednosti: Avanturizam, mudrost, humorističnost, perspektivnost

Slabosti: Nestrpljivost, okrutnost, pretjerana spontanost i nedostatak granica

Stil roditeljstva: Kao najslobodniji znak zodijaka, roditeljstvo je zanimljiv izazov za vas. Spontanost strijelca da živi za trenutak može biti dovedena u pitanje, kada treba da bude disciplinovan. Roditeljstvo je velika životna promjena za vas, jer iako volite djecu ne znate kako da se postavite prema njima. Najveći izazov vam predstavlja kako da ukomponujete planove nove osobe sa svojima.

Teško balansirate pa se dešava da imate previše obaveza ili da ih u potpunosti izbjegavate. Prepoznatljivi ste po tome što prvo iznosite stav pa tek onda pitate. To može biti problematično, kada je u pitanju roditeljstvo. Vaša spontanost daje dobru notu roditeljstvu, jer iznenada znate odvesti djecu na putovanje, prirediti iznenađenje i oduševiti ih. Međutim, kada je posrijedi planiranje ne snalazite se najbolje.

Pa kako onda da to izvedete? Najbolje je da ih uključite u svoje aktivnosti u kojima ćete doći do izražaja kao autoritet, a istovremeno se zabaviti. Na primjer, okrečite sobu zajedno, posadite cvijeće u bašti i uskladićete razigrani duh i naučiti se organizovanju i disciplini.


Strengths as a mom: Planning, structure, traditional values, consistency, patience, thoughtfulness Weaknesses as a mom: Worry and anxiety, overly cautious, pessimism, self-doubt, seriousness to a fault Your parenting style: "Who's your daddy, er, mommy? Since Capricorn is the zodiac's 'father' sign, this adds an interesting twist to your mothering style. In stereotypical terms, you may be more of the dad than the mom—or both parents rolled into one. Not that you don't have a sentimental or feminine side, but Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, the stern taskmaster associated with authority, masculinity, and structure. You're not afraid to set limits or to teach your kids necessary life lessons. You'd like to be close to your children, but you don't need to be best friends. Hierarchy based on age is fine with you. As a traditional sign, you respect your own parents (even if you don't like them) and may be quite conventional. You're more a tough-love type of mom who delivers stern lectures and stiff hugs. You might not be the most touchy-feely person, preferring to show your devotion through your actions rather than affection. How this plays out depends a lot on your own upbringing. Capricorns tend to be "old souls" who play the dutiful soldier in their families, keeping a lot of their emotions inside. Your own childhood may have been colored by hard experiences or hefty responsibility placed on your small shoulders (perhaps self-imposed, as many Cap kids are overachievers). Or maybe your parents worked hard to provide for your needs. Now you feel a deep obligation to repay them by succeeding. There's a 'steel magnolia' in every Capricorn mom. Like Katie Couric and Michelle Obama, you exude feminine beauty layered over deep reserves of strength. You're the rock of your clan, the force that holds everything together through thick and thin. It was Capricorn Donna Summer who sang 'She Works Hard for the Money,' and that's certainly true for you. Capricorn is the zodiac's provider sign, and with your solid work ethic you could be the family breadwinner. Escape from your obligations whenever possible so you don't miss your little one's fleeting moments of cuteness. Pay attention when people tell you that 'it goes by so fast.' They're not kidding."

Prednosti: Planiranje, njegovanje tradicionalnih vrijednosti, strpljenje, dosljednost

Slabosti: Zabrinutost i anksioznost, pretjerana predostrožnost, pesimističnost, sumnjičavost

Stil roditeljstva: Ko je tvoj tata? Ili bolje rečeno mama? S obzirom na to da je strijelac tata zodijaka, to daje zanimljivu notu vašem stilu roditeljstva. Možda ste više tata u kući, ili obe uloge u jednoj. To ne znači da nemate sentimentalnu stranu, ali s obzirom na to da vama upravlja planeta Saturn, koja je povezana sa autoritetom, maskulinitetom i strukturom, vi imate više karakteristika muškog roditelja. Ne bojite se da postavite granice i naučite veoma rano svoju djecu važne životne lekcije. Iako želite biti bliski sa djecom, ne želite imati ulogu najboljeg prijatelja. Kao tradicionalan znak vi poštujete svoje roditelje, čak iako vam se ne sviđa sve što rade i isto očekujete od svoje djece.

Emocije iskazujete kroz geste, a ne isključivo zagrljaje i poljupce. Mnogo toga čuvate u sebi i zato se vašoj djeci nekada može učiniti da ste nepristupačni i hladni, ali vi tako funkcionišete. Vaše djetinjstvo igra važnu ulogu u vaspitanju vaše djece. Nastojite ispravite greške vaših roditelja i pružiti svojoj djeci sve što sami niste imali.

Poput Mišel Obame, vi ste lijepi i mili ispod oklopa čvrstine i snage. U svojoj porodici ste sila, koja drži sve na okupu i koja najčešće zarađuje za njih. Stoga se desi da nekad nemate dovoljno vremena za svoju djecu. Usporite malo i odvojite vrijeme za trenutke nježnosti i razgovora.


Strengths as a mom: Youthfulness, open-mindedness, originality, fairness Weaknesses as a mom: Boundaries, turbulence and drama, detachment, overly permissive tendencies Your parenting style: "What do you get when you mix the girl next door, a rock 'n' roll groupie, a pageant queen, a fembot, and your childhood best friend? Add a couple tattoos, a karate black belt, or at least one unexpected personal skeleton in the closet (a regrettable piercing, a Trekkie membership) and you've got the Aquarius mom—in all her eclectic glory. The Aquarius mother is a curious character who's impossible to put in a box. You're affectionate yet aloof, stern yet spontaneous, the world's mellowest control freak. You're a unicorn-riding Pollyanna who sings about rainbows and sunbeams; yet you can be the snarkiest cynic on the block. You specialize in organized chaos, and your parenting can be subject to change without notice. Life with an Aquarius mom can range from adventurous to bats**t crazy, but it's never boring. You view your existence as a grand journey, and you want your children to experience a magical utopia for as long as possible—one fashioned from your own vivid imagination. Your ruling planet is unconventional Uranus, which is associated with emotional detachment, rebellion, and surprises. 'Expect the unexpected' could be your mothering motto, at least until you get your bearings. Aquarians are known for being uncomfortable with intimacy—you're the sign of casual connections and friendship, so you're more at ease be- longing to the world, not just one little person. So one of the biggest surprises of motherhood is the depth of emotion it can bring up. You might weep sentimentally one minute, then put on your game face the next, becoming as steely as a basketball coach during the last thirty seconds of playoffs. Hot and cold are your default settings—even if you give the appearance of being easygoing and agreeable. It could take a while before you find an even keel as a mother. At the same time, your fourth house of motherhood is governed by traditional Taurus. This cocoons your quirky-cool style in practical, earth sign energy—envision a white picket fence built around a VW bus. In fact, your nomadic sign might just crave security and roots for the first time when the kids come. Of course, being in the moment isn't always easy. The present and the past are not the Aquarius mom's domain, and you can seem downright unsentimental or checked out at times. The remedy? Make sure you maintain a strong individual identity, even after you be- come a mom. While this is necessary for any mother, it's especially vital for outgoing Aquarius to nurture your youthful and social ways. If you loved going to music festivals, sports games, gallery openings, or on long girls' week- ends out of town, then find a way to keep that up. Ditto for your quirky sense of style. Skip the soccer mom look and keep rocking your cool vintage ankle boots, kitty-eared ski hats, and halter maxi-dresses. If you try to be the perfect Happy Homemaker, you'll only want to rebel, and motherhood will feel like a trap. Find the right balance between honoring your individuality and being a source of consistency in your children's lives."

Prednosti: Uvijek živ duh mladosti, otvorenost, originalnost, neustrašivost

Slabosti: Turbulentnost, drama, granice, popustljivost, privrženost

Stil roditeljstva: Šta se dobije kada pomiješate djevojku iz komšiluka, rok djevojku, najbolju prijateljicu iz djetinjstva i drama kraljicu? Dodajte nekoliko tetovaža, crni pojas u karateu ili bar jednog neočekivanog skeleta u ormaru i dobijate mamu vodoliju. U svim izdanjima i slavi.

Mame vodolije je nemoguće staviti u jednu od kutija. Vi ste spontani, ali i control freak, pozitivni, ali u drugom trenutku pesimisti. Vi ste se specijalizovali za kreativni nered i lako mijenjate način roditeljstva. Život sa mamom vodolijom ide od ludog do avanturističkog, ali nikad dosadnog. Želite pokazati kako život može biti zabavan pa svoje dijete vodite na sva putovanja, pokazujući mu kako je i sam život jedno ogromno putovanje puno zabave.

Vaša vladajuća planeta je Uran, koji je nekonvencionalan i povezan za buntovništvom i iznenađenjima. “Očekujte neočekivano”, može biti vaš moto, jer iz dana u dan mijenjate odluke. Iako ste bliski sa mnogima, vama najveće iznenađenje predstavlja emotivna povezanost sa djecom. Odnosno dubina emocija, koje vas iznenada pretvaraju u divnu i brižljivu mamu.

Pronalaženje balansa između individualnosti i brige za druge, vaš je izazov. Ali s vremenom učite kako biti posvećen roditelj, koji u svojim avanturama ima djecu kao saveznike. Učite od njih, a i oni od vas pa ste često okarakterisani kao njihov najbolji prijatelj.


Strengths as a mom: Compassion, imagination, nurturing, creativity Weaknesses as a mom: Kookiness, manipulation, instability, guilt Your parenting style: "Hello, mermaid mommy! The Pisces mother is a seductive siren and an earth mother rolled into one glamorous package. You love to ensconce your family in a cozy but luxurious bubble, and chances are you'll have a well-appointed home and wardrobe to match. Even in sweatpants, you manage to look coiffed and ready for your close-up most days. Fortunately, you emanate enough warmth to be enchanting rather than intimidating to other moms. Even if you can be fastidious in your tastes, your door is always open to the world. Watery Pisces is the zodiac's last sign. You're empathic and ethereal, spiritual and sensitive, wise and emotionally intelligent. You know how to treat yourself like a goddess—and you'll encourage the mothers around you to do the same. The Pisces mother has quirks, and plenty of them. Your heart is always in the right place—even if your head isn't. It's exactly this Alice in Wonderland–type of unreality that makes you such a magical mama, turning family time into a floating Mad Hatter tea party. There are no typical days in your household, and your kids might be in awe of what you pull out of that rakish chapeau. Enchanting vacations, road trips, outings—you can come up with these ideas in your sleep. Will they be decadent or disastrous? You'll find out once you do it. Albert Einstein, a Pisces, famously said, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination." The downside to your freewheeling style, however, can be a lack of boundaries or stability. You can be a little too out there, embarrassing your kids as they get older or making them anxious from the unpredictable changes and lack of structure. Since you hate being told what to do and when to do it, you may struggle to get your kid on a regular bedtime and meal schedule or to give them enough of the consistency that kids crave. Your best bet is to have a partner, grandparent, or caregiver help enforce these routines if you feel oppressed by this facet of parenting. Your kids always know that you have their backs, however, and there's no sacrifice you wouldn't make for their happiness. Your children will definitely grow up with a healthy sense of self-worth as a result of your adoration (in some cases, a little too healthy, but so be it). In your eyes, they can do no wrong, and you're there to soothe them, spoil them, and cheer on their every accomplishment. Some Pisces mothers elevate their kids onto quite a pedestal; you may or may do this yourself, but you cherish every moment that you spend with them. Although you have your own life, you'll maintain closeness with your kids over the years. Mom, best friend, social director, and confidante: you do it all and make it look effortlessly chic."

Prednosti: Saosjećajnost, njegovanje, maštovitost, kreativnost

Slabosti: Manipulativnost, nestabilnost, osjećaj krivice

Stil roditeljstva: Hello mama sireno! Vi ste spoj sirene i žene na zemlji u jednom. Vaša kuća odiše luksuzom i čak je u skladu sa vašim garderoberom. Obožavate modu i trudite sa uskladite svoj izgled sa dječijim. Sa drugim mamama razmjenjujete savjete i ideje. Vrata vašeg doma su otvorena za druge i veoma ste gostoljubivi. Osjećajni i emotivni, spiritualni i mudri.

Mama riba uvijek zna gdje joj je srce, čak i kada ne zna gdje joj je glava. Alisa u zemlji čuda vaša je bajka, jer iznova priređujete nešto neočekivano. Bilo da se radi o putovanjima, sitnicama u kući ili kreativnim idejama, vi stalno radite na nečemu novom. Albert Ajnštajn, koji je i sam riba, rekao je “Pravi znak inteligencije nije znanje, već mašta”.

Međutim, negativna strana toga je da ne znate odrediti pravila i granice. Pošto ih sami rijetko poštujete, vremenom vam postaje sve teže kontrolisati djecu. Stoga je najbolje da imate neku odraslu osobu uz sebe, koja će preuzeti ulogu autoriteta, a vi se zadržati u razigranom stilu.

Bez obzira na sve, vaša djeca će zahvaljujući vama naučiti kako da sebe cijene i vole. Izrašće u samouvjerene osobe i biti spremni za životne izazove. Nema toga što nećete učiniti za njih. Možda ćete ih razmaziti, staviti na pijadestal, ali vama djeca postaju centar svijeta. Vaše potrebe i dalje postoje pa ne zaboravite da uskladite njih sa onima vaše djece.


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