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Fitnes blogerka svojim fotografijama otkriva istinu o društvenim mrežama (FOTO)

Dok fit modeli i savršene oble zadnjice dominiraju Instagramom, ova blogerka pokušava da prikaže svijetu zašto ne trebate vjerovati svemu što vidite na društvenim mrežama.

Prevela: Sonja Savić

Izvor: Bored Panda

Foto: Sara Puhto

Sara Puto (Sara Puhto) dolazi iz Finske i ima 20 godina, a njene fotografije prikazuju koliko ugao, poza ili to što “uvučete” stomak utiču na to kako izgledate. Na sve i jednoj njenoj fotografiji možete vidjeti nevjerovatnu razliku zbog koje je ponekad teško povjerovati da se radi o istoj osobi.

“Ničija pozadina ne izgleda savršeno okruglo iz svakog ugla” piše Sara. Sa heštegovima poput budite dobri prema sebi i napredak, a ne savršenstvo, ona pokušava da poruči svijetu da ljepota počinje sa ljubavlju prema sebi i da te “savršene” fotografije na internetu nisu ono što bi trebalo definisati ljepotu.

U nastavku pogledajte Sarine fotografije i sjetite ih se kada sljedeći put budete gledali fotografije “savršenih” ljudi na društvenim mrežama.

Instagram isn’t reality ? It’s so easy to post a photo similar to the left and pretend that there was no posing, flexing or planning behind the photo, that it was candid. People would assume I look like that all time time. But I don’t. We constantly see pictures like this and compare our actual candid photos to these “fake” candid photos. Expecting that we have to look flawless without trying and getting upset with ourselves when we don’t. Instagram isn’t reality. I used to look at photos of me similar to the right and think all these insecure thoughts of my body looking too wide, having no curves. But now I realise there is nothing wrong with the right photo. I don’t need to look as small as possible and have abs 24/7 to feel like I am worthy or to love my body. I don’t have an hourglass figure and I don’t need to have one. I am beautiful the way I am, no matter what angle, flexing or not. And so are you, start believing it. We are all unique and need to start embracing that. Life would be so boring if we all looked the same. You don’t need to change your body. Change the way you see yourself. ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #candidphoto #instagramvsreality #mybody #flatstomach #loveyourbody #selfesteem #loa #thankyourbody #youareworthit #youareunique

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Instagram vs reality ?? I used to let photos like the right one ruin my day. I would get upset and think that because my booty didn’t look like all the other bootys on instagram, it meant that all of a sudden I had an ugly body. But that is not true. We all look different from different angles. We all have different bodies. The way your booty, or any part of your body looks, does not change who you are as a person. We are our own worst critic and nobody is thinking the negative thoughts that you are. We should never judge another persons appearance, including our own. Change your mindset about your body, you don’t need to change your body. Don’t live your life hating your body and allowing that to stop you from enjoying your life. There is so much more to life than worrying about how you look. Be proud of your body, love it for allowing you to breathe, walk, talk and experience life. Never take these things for granted. Thank your body by loving every part of it!! ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #bodypositivity #nobodyshame #stopcomparing #loveyourbody #selfesteem #youareunique #selfacceptance #thankyourbody #youareworthit

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Confidence ? Having 0 curves on my waist has always frustrated me growing up. I’ve even considered using waist trainers and wondered if there was surgery I could have to get more of a “hourglass” figure. I thought having no curves made me less feminine, less attractive and less worthy. You don’t need to have curves to feel good about your body. Your body is worthy and beautiful the way it is. I don't think there is anything wrong with either one of these photos anymore, they are the same body. This body makes me unique. I am so proud and in love with my body. It lets me function and keeps me alive. Don’t get too caught up in looks. We should be happy that we have a body that is capable of doing so much. You only have one body, appreciate it for all the incredible things it does. You shouldn’t feel ashamed because of small things. Don’t let society make you hate your body. Be brave and go against what the negative thoughts in your head tell you to hate about yourself. ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #instagramvsreality #moveforward #changethewayyouthink #focusonyourself #bodygoals #idealbody #powerofpositivity

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What I say vs What I should say ? I get so many questions asking how to change to a more self loving mindset. This is an example of what I used to say to myself (left) and what I say to myself now (right). Say the good things and stop picking out the negatives. Switch the negatives into positives every time. It's so easy to say all the negative things to ourselves, but I don't think we realize how detrimental they are to the way we see ourselves and why we hate ourselves. Yes you could workout and get plastic surgery but even after that, if you didn't love yourself in the beginning, you will always find something you want to change. Stop comparing your body to others and start complimenting your own!! Cause you are actually an absolutely amazing human just the way you are!! You just haven't seen that side yet. ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #stopcomparing #bodyposi #justbeyou #selflove #bereal #bodyimage #lovemybody #staypositive #bodyfat #positivemindset

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Being “Bikini ready”? Don’t let society pressure you into thinking you need to change your body in order to be happy. You don’t need to crash diet or start working out excessively just to look good for summer!!!!!!!! We constantly see filtered, flexed bikini bodies on Instagram. But in reality nobody walks around life posing and flexing all the time with a filter slapped on. I remember dreading being in a bikini because I thought I was being judged constantly because I kept telling myself negative thoughts, comparing my body to everyone else’s, wishing I had what they had, worrying about how my tummy looked naturally when I wasn’t flexing. You don’t need to look like anyone else or any type of way to be “worthy”. You are allowed to feel confident and cute at any size. No matter what your body looks like. Because your body does not define you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to beauty. We are all uniquely beautiful. You don’t need to change your body. Change the way you look at your body. ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #bikiniready #beautyisallaround #summerready #bekindtoyourself #positiveliving #beautystandards

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