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Isprovocirala je svijet pitanjem “Koji je vaš izgovor?”, a onda je shvatila…

Sigurno se svi sećate fitnes-mame Marije Kang koja je 2013. godine bila tema broj jedan svetskih medija zbog fotografije koju je objavila na društvenim mrežama i kritikovala mame koje se ne bave fizičkom aktivnošću.


Izvor: superzena.b92

Foto: Maria Kang / Facebook

Naime, Marija je kraj fotke na kojoj pozira sa svojih troje dece ponosno pokazujući svoju zategnutu liniju poručila svim ženama koje ne vežbaju: “Koji je vaš izgovor?”

Mnogi su osudili ovaj njen post jer je Marija na taj način još više izvršila pritisak na novopečene mame da moraju odmah da izgledaju savršeno.

Ipak, danas Marija ne krije da se njeno telo promenilo nakon rođenja tri sina i poručuje svojim pratiocima da je je ona i dalje ona ista žena koju su počeli da prate pre mnogo godina samo sa malim promenama na telu.

„Ukoliko ste se pitali da li je ova žena sa viškom kože i strijama prava Marija Kang koju ste počeli da pratite pre mnogo godina, ne brinite, to jesam ja“

-našalila se ona kraj fotografije.

Marija i dalje vežba i održava fit liniju, ali ne krije da su se stvari promenile posle dece.

I dalje vežba 5 do 6 puta nedeljno, ali se ne opterećuje kao ranije. Najvažnije joj je što se oseća dobro u svom telu, svaki dan jede čokoladu i ima cikluse na 28 dana. Kao neko ko je imao poremećaj u ishrani za Mariju je ovo znak da je zdrava, a to joj je danas najvažnije.

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This is ((almost)) the same expression I had when I was 'verified' on Instagram yesterday. I noticed the little blue check mark while typing in comments, lol. I inquired about getting verified a month ago and was told by several sources that it would cost $2500. Now, if you've been following me for a longtime you know that I'm frugal. I also don't pay a lot into my social media. So I did my research, went the normal route and simply requested verification and supplied my ID. and Voila! ✨ The day I wrote a post about not seeking validation online, is the same day I get validated. LOL. I am sharing this funny story for a few reasons. 1) In case you were nervous that this woman with excess skin and stretchmarks is the original "Maria Kang" you started following years ago, have no fear – I am HERE and yes, this is me. 2) God works in mysterious ways. 3) Don't take life too seriously. My beauty will fade. My fitness level will decline. Social media is not the end all, be all. But, while we ARE here, thanks for following. BTW – I will be going LIVE tomorrow on FB at 1pm PST talking ALL ABOUT KETO with my girl @sassfitness. Hope to see you then! #verified #noexcusemom #bodypositivity . . Image by @brittenphoto #oahuphotographer

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As I was heading down the smooth concrete of the bike ramp, the velocity coupled with a tight downturn was uncontrollable for the novice skateboarder in me. I fell hard below my knee. It hurt. I waited a few minutes for the adrenaline to numb the pain so I can try again. Moments later, I would try that advance turn again – this time, landing and overextending my knee. I hurt, but this time, I knew it was much more serious. . When I started skateboarding daily I knew my inexperience and lack of athleticism would disable me in many areas, especially when falling. I don’t have the muscle memory to roll when the board unearths me. I don’t have the natural buoyancy to push away the board when I start to lose control. Since I never played sports as a child, I’m not used to my body moving outside of a controlled gym environment. While I have strength, endurance and flexibility, I don’t have instinct. When things go unplanned, my body didn’t know how to react. . These last couple days I’ve been elevating, icing, heating and resting as much as a busy mother can. The first day was toughest though. I kept thinking about our travel plans the next week, which included a lot of walking. I thought about how life could change instantly from one minute to the next, after all, I was having a highly efficient morning only to see it abruptly stop after the injury. I thought about the last month, in which my mother and husband dealt with debilitating leg and arm pain, and now I have a greater sense of empathy for them both. . I knew I would eventually fall and despite reading on ‘how to fall’ – nothing prepares you for that split second when you have to make a choice and your body stiffens instead of softening. When you are moving at a high speed you can’t stop with force, like the correct act of falling, you go with the flow, you let go and you roll until your body’s speed declines. . Metaphorically speaking, whenever you undergo any challenging moment – let go of the things you cannot change and literally ‘roll’ with the things you can. . So here I am, laid up in bed but being unusually positive despite the reality of not being able to move ….(cont ⬇️⬇️⬇️)

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What happens when you expose your vulnerabilities? You don’t become weaker, you get stronger. You realize you’re not your struggle, you’re not defined by your fears, you’re not limited by people’s opinions…you let go and you let yourself LIVE. Being imperfectly human in a highly judgmental world is tough enough. Don’t let noise distract you from the beautiful, eternal being that you are. Whatever your weaknesses are, wherever your challenges lie…rock it, be it, live it, love it. There is nothing constant but Change. Every beautiful body will grow old. Every personal problem will evolve. Every moment will soon pass and become history. Embrace. It. All. ✨ swimsuit by @inna.trend image by @brittenphoto #noexcusemom #embrace #bodypositivity #fitmom #innatrend #oahuphotographer #loveyourself #nothingconstantbutchange

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